Steve Perry of Backcountry Gallery has an awesome collection of photography how-to videos, but he’s finally tackled the long-time question that has sparked a lot of debates and arguments: do UV filters really protect your lens? Perhaps, we can put that question to the test.

Perry tests many aspects of lens and UV filter strength such as scratch resistance, overall strength, strength of the front element with or without a filter on, strength of the filters themselves, and other effects like simulating bumps and drops on lenses.

Watch the video for a detailed conclusion. In short, aside from protection against scratches and dust in certain circumstances, filters don’t do much at all to protect your front element, or the rest of your lens for the matter. With shooting, they don’t  have much effect on your pictures since digital sensors are not sensitive to the blue UV-created haze that shows up in landscape pictures. In fact, they pose problems like ghosting and flare with specular highlights.

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