Back and neck pain…we all know all about it as photographers. We’re sick of carrying our cameras around our necks and buying overpriced fancy shmancy straps. Check out this really simple tutorial for creating a DIY paracord wrist strap for your camera that is durable In this 3-minute video, German¬†photographer Bo Ismono¬†goes over the process step by step.

Part of the overpriced group are pre-made paracord straps. You can easily spend $30+ on a basic strap if not more! In the tutorial, you’ll be using about $7 worth of paracord, a small key ring, lighter, measuring tape, and good scissors. Talk about a difference!

Wrist straps have a lot of advantages, I wouldn’t recommend it for shooting for long periods of time. They’re always great to replace long straps. This is great for making a sturdy, durable, and cheap strap for your camera.

What are your favorite ways to secure your camera? Let us know in the comment section below!

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