As photographers and videographers, we all understand the importance and need of reflectors. Everyone should have a basic understanding of how to use a reflector, whether you’re just starting out or a professional. If you think standard reflectors are just too expensive, check out this quick DIY by J.P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens on making your own reflector out of bead foam.

Bead foam, a type of styrofoam board that can be boughten at any hardware store, works surprisingly well as a reflector. The best part? It’s affordable and durable. When you buy it at the store, it comes with a silver side and another with writing on it. It’s only when you strip off the silver part that you find a soft white surface. To make a double-sided reflector, just buy two of these boards, strip one side of the silver, and you have a clean white surface to work with. Tape them together and you get variety!

What did you think of this DIY?

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