For many of you that know me, know that I am a big foodie… I love food and I love finding new food joints… it’s a thing of passion. I love finding diamonds in the rough… my joy lies right between comfort food and food that do a bit more than fill an empty stomach. Food is a lifestyle and is a living piece of history that defines a lot of cultures. Food brings people together and for me, it has helped heal a lot of relationships. This past weekend, I grabbed the Panasonic GH4 and our new Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens and headed out to K-Town.


Next week is my mom’s “American” birthday (Koreans celebrate birthdays according to the negative or moon calendar?) so it changes year to year. I like things to be simple so I will stick to what I know :). Decided to treat my mom to a place she’s never been before… Kang Hodong Baekjeong is a very popular KBBQ joint in the heart of K-Town and usually has a very lengthy wait time of an hour or two. Luckily we got in right before the dinner rush and only waited 20 mins. Been here once before and they are known for their Pork Jowl (which is a type of brisket I believe) and other meats as well. The owner is a famous Korean Comedian and I think my mom told me he was a wrestler? I know he loves to eat cause this place was set up for eating! Shot with iPhone 5

In the middle of lunch, I decided to snap a few shots and loved the results I was getting from this camera and lens combo. We ended up ordering pork belly (my favorite), pork jowl and Korean galbi (short ribs). Here are some samples… in hindsight, I regret not taking more pictures but ended up doing so more later on during the day. Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/1.7, 1/80th, ISO 3200. Very clean images at ISO 3200, love the fine noise that this sensor creates.

Ended up heading to Boba Time across the street for some Taro Shaved Snow and Milk Tea Boba. Sorry only got a shot from the outside. Didn’t realize I should be doing more test shots until I got to the market. lol Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.8, 1/2500th, ISO 200. There is a flare going right down the BOBA, had no hood for this tiny lens.

From there, headed to the Zion Market and this is where I started to really mess with the camera. What I really love about this setup is that no one looks at you cause the camera is so small. You can walk around inconspicuously and be a photo ninja. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it was able to handle low light and how well it shot open wide @f/1.7. Here are some samples below. KTWN_GH4_081014_4887 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.5, 1/200th, ISO 800. Once again, ISO 800 is a cakewalk for this camera.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4886 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.5, 1/200th, ISO 800. 20mm is able to resolve great detail.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4882 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.5, 1/125th, ISO 800. Image quality is fantastic… center focus on this shot.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4871 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.0, 1/200th, ISO 1600. Noise is more evident at ISO 1600 but still very well controlled.

From there, my wife, son and I headed to The Line to meet up with some friends to eat at Roy Choi’s Commissary (no link on Yelp). Gorgeous restaurant right next to the pool but the best part is, it’s located in a glass greenhouse. Very classy little joint up there. I ordered the pork and beef burger and took some photos of the restaurant from the outside. Also saw a secret meeting with Roy and Jon Favreau… I guess the two are working on a CNN food show together. KTWN_GH4_081014_4937 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.8, 1/4000th, ISO 200. GH4 does an amazing job handling the blue gradient skies, it is so smooth… I remember a time when Canon’s had a hard time doing that properly. Haven’t shot a blue sky like this on a Canon recently but the Panasonic is terrific.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4949 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/1.7, 1/800th, ISO 200. Shot wide open at f/1.7 and the image is sharp at the woman’s face and the shot is very smooth due to ISO 200. Very clean.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4952 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/1.7, 1/800th, ISO 200. Focus is spot on, great detail throughout.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4956Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/3.5, 1/80th, ISO 200. Focus was on the left side of the water glass. Nice DoF about 2 stops down.


KTWN_GH4_081014_4965 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.8, 1/125th, ISO 200. Center Focus, Grilled Corn… what was I talking about again? lol


KTWN_GH4_081014_4971 KTWN_GH4_081014_4982 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/2.2, 1/125th, ISO 1600. Burger looked good, full shot and burger cut for your viewing pleasure. Love the way ISO 1600 is able to leave such fine noise grain. Very appealing.


Finished up the night at Honeymee for some awesome frozen custard and honeycomb chip… this was delicious!

KTWN_GH4_081014_4988_1 Panasonic GH4, 20mm 1.7, f/1.8, 1/250th, ISO 3200. ISO 3200 had more noticeable noise but once again, I am a big fan of it… did an awesome job through and through. Now I’m hungry.


In the future, I will be mindful of taking more technical photos but I usually like to relax on my days off but got to give the people what they want!

Til the next time, Andrew

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