Coolors is a fantastic new app that I stumbled across last week. It’s an incredibly easy and fun way to generate 5-color palettes for any situation. It was primarily developed for designers but it also works for us photographers and also interior designers! In any field that deals with color, we have to know how to match and complement in such a way that looks great and makes our images.


Before, we had to tone images manually like colored gels, but that’s no more!

It is almost insane how the Coolors app makes the process simple. All you do is hit your space bar to generate the color palette. Don’t like the palette given? Press Space again. It keeps cycling through a variety of palettes that work well. If there are certain colors you like, you can lock them in, and the app will find the rest of the complementing colors! So awesome.


Also, you can register for an account and see what other designers and photographers are using. This new Coolors app is formatted in such a visually-pleasing formate and makes the process of choosing colors fun and easy. Not only does it help you with styling and sets, it can also help you in your post-production to help color tone your images.

Try out the new app and tell us what you think! Is it better than what Adobe offers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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