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A couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to do some free lance photography for Super Street Magazine at Minterfield Airport District. It was also a coincidence that Andrew from IE Photo Rentals had just posted on their Facebook fan page that they had recently added the recently released Canon 7D Mark 2 to their inventory, which would be perfect for the weekend photographing cars at high speeds. Without hesitation, I gave him a call at his Downtown Pomona shop and reserved one for the photo shoot.

I currently shoot with the Canon 7D when I take pictures of automotive subjects at car events and have had the opportunity to use the fancy Canon 1DX  earlier this year (Canon 1Dx Review). After using both cameras, I was ready to give something new a try. The Canon 7D is a little lacking and the Canon 1DX is beyond amazing but a little out of reach in price for a free lance photographer such as myself, so I was eagerly waiting for the something in between that was affordable yet able to get the shots that I envisioned.

After I stopped by IE Photo Rentals in Pomona and picked up the camera rental from the friendly and helpful staff at the shop, I immediately felt very comfortable holding the camera. It reminded me of the Canon 5d Mark 3 and I was very eager to start the weekend shooting photos of cars in action.

Before my gig at Minterfield Airport District, I warmed up the creative juices and  shooting form at another automotive event the day before at Buttonwillow Raceway Park called Super Lap Battle hosted by Global Time Attack. This is an event where many cars from local shops as well as international teams flock to to try and put down one flying lap around the road course against other cars in their class. It’s been an event I’ve been attending for years and love to cheer on local shops and drivers as well as see international drivers flown in from other countries competing against each other for the fastest lap-times (some shots from Super Lap Battle 2013).

Right off the bat, I felt at home with the Canon 7D Mark II, especially after getting myself familiar with the Canon 5D Mark III earlier this year. The weather was gloomy that day, which made for ideal shooting conditions without having to worry about harsh shadows or limited shooting angles. It was going to be a great day at the track.

Here are some shots I got at Buttonwillow for Super Lap Battle.

It’s definitely not common to see a Chrysler Conquest, let alone a wide-bodied and highly modified one racing around the track, and it was a beautiful sight to see.


The Lyfe Motorsport Nissan Skyline GTR muscling it’s way through the last portion of the course before the start/finish line.


The Spoon Sports Civic FD2 that traveled all the way from Japan to compete in the competition. This car was right-hand drive and piloted by Dai Yoshihara, a professional driver that competes in the Formula Drift series which tours around the United States.


The Canon 7D ii was great for fast panning shots to blur the background while keeping subjects in focus, and it was great for portraits as well.

IMG_9651 IMG_9676 IMG_9793

After Super Lap Battle was all wrapped up, I was ready for another big day capturing high-horsepowered cars go as fast as they can down a airport landing strip at Minterfield Airport District.

The lighting conditions were a little brighter than the day before, but I was equipped and ready to rock.

How the day started, with an all-new BMW M4, Toyota Supras, and Nissan Skylines. All very fast, and all legends in the car community.

No Fly Zone 5-012

The exotic Bugatti Veyron showed up and stole the crowds attention immediately. This car is one of the worlds fastest and most expensive super-cars and I was very excited to see what it could do in a half-mile straight line sprint.

No Fly Zone 5-016 No Fly Zone 5-024

Two Skyline GTR’s going at it side-by-side down the airstrip. Panning shots like this is where I heavily relied on the 10 frames-per-second drive speed it’s capable of and it’s new outstanding autofocusing technology to get sharp shots at slow shutter speeds.

No Fly Zone 5-050 No Fly Zone 5-063 No Fly Zone 5-071

The 20.2 mega pixel Canon 7D Mark II was a blast to use and I got all the shots I was aiming for. I actually preferred it a little more than the 1DX because of the 1.6x crop that gave me a little more reach than the full-framed 1DX, which helped me zoom in a little closer to the cars in action without being in harms way. It was also lighter to lug around since I don’t always use a monopod to get my panning shots, so that was another plus. After 2 days of shooting with it, I was very impressed and am definitely considering the new 7D Mark II to replace my older 7D.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Canon 7D Mark II! Be sure to give the staff a call if you have any questions! They’ll definitely be more than happy to assist!

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