You ever get bored shooting at 1.2? Yea me too… LOL but don’t get sad… there are other toys out there.

Canon’s 24mm TSE Tilt/Shift lenses are awesome for so many reasons. However the key feature of this lens is that you can actually tilt the front element and alter the focal plane. What the heck does that even mean right? Sorry about the dork speak… Well it means that you can actually blur out areas of the frame that you don’t want in focus, just like you do on Instagram. You know what I am talking about… the little symbols that look like this: – or • or X.

The other key feature is the shift option. This allows the user to control perspective by sliding the entire lens left or right. You will hear alot of architectural photographers talking about this lens because it allows them to straighten or curve a building in a certain way, all without moving the camera off the tripod. Check out the examples below.

©2012 IE PHOTO RENTALS | Canon 5d3 | Canon 24mm TSE | f/8.0 | 1/500th | ISO400

©2012 IE PHOTO RENTALS | Canon 5d3 | Canon 24mm TSE | f/3.5 | 1/1600th | ISO100

In addition, the lens can be rotated so that you can control your tilt and shift vertically and horizontally. (When you come to rent it, just ask us how!). Last but not least, with the right aperture, perspective, shift/tilt combination, you can get “miniature” shots. These are shots that make large things such as planes, cars, etc look like they are miniatures. Click on this link to see some additional samples: TILT SHIFT MINIS

©2012 IE PHOTO RENTALS | Canon 5d3 | Canon 24mm TSE | f/3.5 | 1/1000th | ISO100

So on an off day, come check out this 24mm TS-E and see how it can play into your style! It just may become your new favorite lens.
All images were shot in the Arts District in Downtown Pomona, CA
Carl Benjamin Mural by David Flores
Downtown Pomona Metro Train Station

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