Stabilization was revolutionized by Steadicam in 1975. In 2013 Freefly introduced the Movi, which made the Steadicam…less cool because of its gimbal capabilities. Since then, the prices of gimbals has significantly dropped. That movement didn’t stop Sachtler from making a hybrid stabilizer that costs $45,000.

At IE Photo Rentals, we currently have the DJI Ronin gimbal and at $3000, it does some incredibly stuff even if the price tag is a bit high. But at the steep end of the spectrum is the Sachtler Tinity. The gimbal part of this hulk of a gimbal is called the Artemis Maxima. It can be used handheld but it can be seen used in the video with Tinity Steadicam.

And some of you may wonder why it’s so expensive. First, it’s ultra heavy duty–it can hold up to 66 pounds! Also, they say you can switch lenses without rebalancing the unit. That all sounds like heaven until you hear the price: $45,000 for the gimbal, Steadicam, arm, and vest. Well… we’ll just be waiting for it to drop to market value before we get on the bandwagon.

To learn more about this crazy product, check out the extended video below.

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