A camera without a battery is pretty much an expensive paperweight. Although batteries aren’t that expensive, they’re valuable pieces of equipment that make or break any photoshoot. They’re definitely something that you want to take care of in order to ensure that they have long lives with optimal performance. One of the worst feelings is being in the middle of a photoshoot and having your battery go out on you (that’s why you should always carry extras of every battery).

In the video below, the folks over at Canon Service and Support give us some basic recommendations on camera battery maintenance. This is one of the videos in their series on properly maintaining your gear. Although this is geared towards Canon photographers, these tips can be applied to whatever camera brand or battery you use.

They spend a good chunk of the video going over counterfeit batteries. They’re something that never really comes to mind but it’s something that we should all be watching out for.


Let us know which one of these you think is the counterfeit battery.

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