Shooting without lighting is one thing, but once you get into lighting for the first time, it’s hard to really grasp what’s necessary because, well, every photographer has their own preference. Some people shoot with studio lights and some with speedlites. Some with diffusers and some with reflectors.

Lighting equipment isn’t cheap and on top of the cost for a camera and lenses, we can see why photographers are more hesitant towards lighting. When PocketWizard introduced their PlusX to the trigger market, we saw the movement towards making triggers affordable.

Budget-friendly wireless flash triggers fall into two categories: transmitter/receiver models and transceiver models. The transmitter/receiver models are typically older technology, but they are affordable and in most cases, very reliable. Transceiver models are more expensive, convenient, and have other cool features. Checkout the triggers we have below to see which one is the right one for you!

Yongnuo 622: $90 per set

The Yongnuo 622 is the latest flash triggers out of Yongnuo and brags of features that can only be found in high-end (and of course, expensive) triggers at such an affordable price. The 622’s are ETTL compatible (ITTL coming soon) and support HSS (High Speed Sync) for syncing with your camera at up to 1/8000th shutter speed.

Benefits: TTL compatible, HSS compatible, hot shoe, battery indicator, overall features

Drawbacks: decent build quality and price. Not the longest range.

PocketWizard PlusX: $99 per trigger

The PocketWizard PlusX may not sound affordable but it really is. It is a transceiver-based model, meaning that a unit can trigger other units or be triggered by other units. It has 10 channels, a long range, and is compatible with other PocketWizard triggers.

Benefits: Transceiver model, compatible with other PocketWizards, build quality, 10 channels, long range.

Drawbacks: Price per unit, not hot shoe, very basic features.

Tell us what you think about these triggers and your experience with them! Which one is better? Which one would you buy?

And of course you can find them here and here for rentals.

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