Lens choice is very important when it comes to growing your style as a photographer. There seems to be this misconception that zoom lenses are the way to go, but it’s not always how it is. One overlooked quality of prime lenses is that they force you to work harder for each shot.

There are three main benefits of a fixed focal length lens:


When compared to zoom lenses, primes lenses have less complex builds and glass, which allow for sharper images. Anyone wanting sharpness should go for the prime lens.


What’s the main difference between a 85mm prime vs. a zoom lens like a 70-200mm? Both cover the same focal length..so it must be aperture. When you have any zoom compared to a prime of the same focal length, the main difference is its f-stop or how wide its aperture csn go at that length.

The lowest aperture zoom lenses offer for under $1000 would be f/3.5-f/5. If you like bokeh and the shallow depth of field, that’s not going to work. An advantage of a wider aperture means more light. The wider the aperture is, the more light that hits your sensor, allowing you to shoot in low light. However, shooting in low light with a low f stop does take a lot of practice, but there is flexibility on what you want to focus on.

Skill Development

We don’t want to say that a prime lens makes you a better photographer, but in a way, it does. Honing in on skills such as composition and moving physically to get the shot you want that you normally wouldn’t get with a zoom lens is huge. At first, this may seem counterintuitive, but photographers have learned to use this to their advantage. See, when you move around, everything changes: light, angles, scenery, etc. You have to adjust to the changing variables which makes you think more. When you’re able to think more, you get more creative and you have a better idea of what shots you want before the shoot itself.

All we’re saying is that primes lenses are great training tools for those just starting out. Zoom lenses have their place, but it can make you lazy and therefore, less creative. Get up, move around, and get creative. With primes, you get the awesome aperture, creamy bokeh, and a teaching tool. Be sure to check out our prime lenses here. We have a prime lens that fits every budget!

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