Every now and then, we get an idea for a shoot and it turns into something completely different than what we originally planned for.  This is one of those shoots.

You see, Paul has a pretty crazy chest tattoo and I had envisioned a portrait that would portray his art well but we ran into a few detours.  Bringing in a 4 light setup in a tight living room gave us the biggest issue. We basically were limited on the placement of the lights along with the angle and that made for a tough lighting situation.  So we ended up reducing the modifiers to reflectors for a harder light which ended up working for me in the end.

Paul recently welcomed a baby girl into his life and I wanted to capture a “different” family portrait however baby Dakota was so small that the angle of her in the Mamaroo was difficult. Plus we ran out of space once again for the lights so it was just one of them days where we weren’t able to get what we hoped for.  So instead, we moved all of the furniture outside and did an outdoors portrait.  Basically I was winging the whole shoot since the original idea got derailed.  So the basic premise is I wanted to show Cathy relaxing a bit while Paul was nurturing since she just bared him a child.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the day shot by Leonard Holland. He used a Canon 5d Mark III with a Canon 24mm 1.4 Mark II mainly shot at f/1.4.

IEPR_BTS_web_1 IEPR_BTS_web_2 IEPR_BTS_web_3 IEPR_BTS_web_4 IEPR_BTS_web_5 IEPR_BTS_web_6 IEPR_BTS_web_7 IEPR_BTS_web_8 IEPR_BTS_web_9 IEPR_BTS_web_10 IEPR_BTS_web_11  PLCT8234X4

This final shot was a composite of 7 photos.  I shot each person in the shot individually and then layered them later into photoshop. We lit up various parts of the house for an added flare or give a “hyper-realistic” look.  The biggest critique I have was the garage wall had so much negative space and didn’t add anything to the image. I could have spent an hour to add a window or something but didn’t feel that it was worth the effort in this case. In the end, still happy with the shot I got but wasn’t an idea setup but hey, those are the breaks.




The portrait of Paul above was a combination of random things inside his garage, a cigar and a glass of Hennessy. In hindsight, I guess it was a celebration portrait to his new baby, home and art. I apologize we didn’t have any BTS for this shot but we used two kicker lights back to the right and left of Paul on some 11″ reflectors and one softbox to the camera left.

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