We all know the feeling: we get in these ruts where getting our creative juices just seems impossible. We’ll sit down or go outside and nothing seems to push us to get creative. Creativity is so important because it’s the moving force behind every photographer. When you’re more creative, your work is boosted. Some people like to stimulate it by listening to music or using substances, but here are some less than common ways of getting those juices flowing:

Handstand It Up

You know how you always see those yoga experts doing handstands? Well apparently there have been many studies that show a lot of benefits from doing a simple handstand. In simple terms, all it does is circulate more oxygen to your brain. Plus, it does some extra toning in your arms and back!

Take Away..But Not Too Much

WebMD reports that a quick twenty minute power nap increases alertness, memory, and enhances creativity. We all know what a lack of sleep means: just getting by with a cup of coffee. Treat your body right and it will reward in return!

They Call It A Cave

Several studies have shown that by working in dim or dark conditions increased creative productivity. Being in the dim or dark created a feeling of being free. When you’re free and unworried, of course this is when we all like to explore hobbies…and therefore, boost creativity.

Got The Blues?

A 2009 study from the University of British Columbia found that when looking at blue objects and packaging test subjects experienced an increase in creative and imaginative thinking. Like what we said above, we as humans often associate the color blue with openness, opportunity, etc because of the ocean and sky!

Use Hand Movements to Explain Your Ideas

Another study found that when openly discussing with hand gestures triggers the brain to consider the topic from multiple perspectives. This is turn creates more room for creative alternatives.

Laugh, Giggle, Squaw

A professor from Stanford University said that humor and creativity are often very similar processes within the brain. They share is commonality because they both involve finding a connections between two ideas that normally do not have an obvious relation.

Go Out And Be The Best You Can Be

Don’t rob yourself the chance to have some fun and be who you truly are: a creative. Take the necessary and funs teps to boost your creativity, passion, and craft. It’s now or never.

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