We all know the foodies. There are foodies who make a living just…eating. Ironically mocking foodies with hashtags #foodporn, #cheflife and #theartofplating and using corn dogs, pop tarts, and Luncheables; anonymous insta-chef @chefjacqueslamerde (hilariously translates to Chef Jack Shit) has taken a direct approach to Instragramming glorious, intricately-plated bourgeois food.

“Small portions | tweezering everything,” is the caption on his bio as each plate is a deliberate combination of bright colors and tiny items arranged in elaborate culinary finesse. It’s not just the photos themselves, but each arrangement: macaroni salad and crushed Cheez-its and jalapeño poppers with the caption, “SUBBING OUR USUAL BUTTERNUT PUREE W/ GERBER BABY FOOD 2NITE”.

We can’t forget the beautiful photos as well. Each arrangement is a delicate and perfect harmony of colors on a white plate. With just about 30 pictures, LaMerde has quickly gained 55k followers. Perhaps the foodies and Instagrammes are in on the joke…either way Check Jacques LaMerde is onto something by pointing our the paradign of culinary culture.



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