Timelapse of Seoul, South Korea [Seoulites – ROK On!] from noe alonzo on Vimeo.

The capital of Korea is a city of epic proportions.┬áSeoul-based photographer and videographer Noe Alonzo’s timelapse is utterly breathtaking.

Alonzo went out to get timelapses, and ended up capturing the most beautiful times of the day: sunrise and sunset. Alonzo taught himself hyperlapsing and worked with bulb-ramping to get the perfect exposures from day to night. What’s crazy is that each shot was taken in raw format! So crazy. Can’t imagine what 3 years of raw images would be on a hard drive.

What’s even crazier about his 3-year journey is that air quality is always uncertain. The city even goes weeks without seeing the sunrise or sunset! And that’s why it took Alonzo three years to complete this project. He would have to shoot the sae location 4 or 5 times and repeating his 500 image capture to get the right conditions.

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