Permagrin Films has put together an incredible time-lapse music video centered areound a fantasy world of “pure imagination”..

For the music video, they used a RED Epic instead of the typical high-end DSLRs like theCanon 5D or Nikon D4.

While the Canon 5D Mark III was a perfect camera for stop motion and time-lapse, the RED Epic helped us with anything where video was required. The Red Epic also worked fantastic on the Emotimo TB3 paired with Dynamic Perception’s Stage One – Marc Donahue

The whole video wasn’t all RED Epics and cool DSLRs, but it also has a GoPro Hero 4 on a few sequences. For the roller coaster scene, they had to strap the GoPro onto the handlebars and ride it over and over again until they got it right.

We shot a total of 12 TBs of data, out of which only 80 percent was used to make the final video and BTS. ‘Imagination’ totals 13,457 frames. The BTS video had about 12,000 frames of time-lapse and stop motion

Crazy, right? Can you imagine having to store 12TB somewhere?

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