Chargers, cords, and more chargers. It’s either we lose all of them or just don’t know what to do with them. Sure we may store all of them in a drawer, but digging through them still makes it a huge hassle, especially if your charger require special cords. Add special batteries and chargers you need for your shoot to this cord mayhem and you’ll probably have a crazy mess in your car while traveling or at the venue. Here is a video of a cool DIY solution to organizing your battery chargers:

In the video above, the Vimeo video team shows us how they built a portable battery charging station to make your life easier. Not only is it portable, it can also be hung if you’re not using it! For this DIY, you will need to know your way around Home Depot or any hardware store along with using power tools. The project will cost you around $113 (here’s the list of supplies). You probably have some of the supplies laying around! Show us how your DIYs went in the comment section below!

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