I think as wedding photographers, we all face the same problems: overly enthusiastic videographers in your shots and even the notorious Uncle Bob.

But often, we don’t realize what we might be doing to annoy other professionals in the industry. When are we the bad guy? Here’s some answers from wedding planners themselves on 7 things wedding photographers shouldn’t do:

  1. Not reading the timeline

This may seem contrary, but often is the case. Having structure for the big day is very important. You can’t just expect to wing it or even make the day go as you want it to. Having the day planned out is important regardless whether or not the couple has a planner or not.

  1. Playing Mr.Know-It-All

Sure, as wedding photographers we’d like to say we’ve seen it all. We put in the work and most of the time put in more hours on-site than any other vendor. But trying not to correct, criticize, or direct other experts is not your place. They’re there for a reason as well.

  1. Dinner time is dinner time

The meal is the biggest production on any wedding day. There are way too may moving parts and feeding hundreds of guests is no easy task. Don’t make the wedding party late to the reception if it’s in your power. Manipulating big events like cake cutting, speeches, etc are also a big no-no.

  1. Giving the video crew a hard time

Communication and collaboration are key! Dictating the pace of the day without talking to the videographer is unfair to your clients and other vendors. You’re both getting paid for the day and are expected of delivering certain results. Every photographer has a videographer rant and vice versa, but every wedding can either be collaborative and smooth as opposed to being annoyed or angry (which affects your work and performance).

  1. Details, details, details!

Don’t forget to take some detail shots! Sometimes things don’ go the way we want it to and we miss things. But forgetting to take detail shots is a let-down for all of the vendors and the couples that tirelessly picked out flowers, centerpieces, party favors, etc. Don’t let a dark reception hall of crazy timeline stop you from squeezing in those details shots. And plus, those detail shots will be used by vendors and in return, you can get more referrals. Everyone that’s not a photographer always need photos. You’re filling a need for them!

  1. Being a dictator

Know when enough is enough. There is a fine line between giving your bride and groom a good collection of formals and pushing them to exhaustion. I mean, the bride usually wears heels and when you have all of these places in mind, keep their foot pain in mind. A couple’s wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions that you as a photographer/videographer is used to.

  1. Fake first looks

This one is pretty debatable. Some couples want first looks before the ceremony and some want the first look to be down the aisle. But some photographers do coerce couples into doing it before the ceremony when the couple didn’t want that. While it is convenient, some couples regret it later. Know your couple and tune into what they really want as opposed to what you want.

What do you think are some things photographers/videographers should or shouldn’t do? Let us know in the comment section below!

Picture Credit: Blue Soul Photo

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