Figuring out where to meet your clients to discuss their wedding or session can be very tough, especially if you’re operating out of a home office. You easily find ourself using the convenient Starbucks locations or any coffee chain locations for client meetings.While we’re not saying not to meet your clients there, here are five reasons why you should ditch your Starbucks conference locals and pick something more creative.

1.) Noise

It’s happened to all of us: we’re trying to get some editing done and blenders are going off, the table next to you is talking too loud and wifi is spotty. It’s hard to discuss what you’re about when there’s a bunch of racket going on. There’s a reason why all of those students have headphones on. Noise is and always will be distracting.

2.) Confidentiality

Parts of your business and transactions are better discussed in private, and that shouldn’t and can’t be happening at Starbucks. Talking money and legalities surrounded by curious strangers never feels safe and some couples will have personal matters to address that they don’t want to share. Even with your own office, there are better alternatives that don’t have community tables and small surroundings.

3.) Credibility

Disregarding your best intentions and how practical meeting at a Starbucks is, some people judge you and your business on being asked to meet there. Sure there are a lot of photographers that make deals at Starbucks’s, but that doesn’t give you more points for doing it as well. Your client’s opinion of your work and business should be neutral-not affected by job interviews and loud group conversations.

4.) Comfort

Let’s face it, coffee shops are not built for comfort. They don’t want you to stay because they lose profit and chair space! Getting to know your clients and their dates, other products you offer, or discussing the concerns your clients have can be made a lot easier when everyone is at peace. The noise, closeness to strangers, and uncomfortable seats won’t help you with booking your client.

5.) Other Options

You have so many options! Show them some local small businesses or try a small tea or coffee shop, outdoor cafe, or ice cream parlor. For a more private space, try renting meeting or conference rooms! A lot of creative spaces or virtual offices offer these at hourly rates.

It’s a good option to avoid all of these public spaces, but its a great alternative for businesses that cannot meet the financial means of an office or for those that see no point in running a functioning office.

If either of those applies to you, consider exploring your options for meeting places! They can help you avoid the hassle and give your business more credibility and a better reputation.

Let us know how you meet up with your clients in the comment section below!

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