Small memory cards nowadays make storage portable and convenient. They’re cheap and can be stored in large numbers. Of course with small sizes, comes problems like loosing footage or easily damaging the cards themselves. Often times this is usually due to user error. Thankfully, you can prevent these errors from happening and recovering data.

Here’s a list of six mistakes to avoid when handling SD cards to prevent data loss:

1. Removing The Card When Using It

If the memory card is in a card reader or in the camera, taking it out before the files can transfer or be written is a huge no-no. When you are done moving for taking pictures, wait 30 seconds for the device to finish. Also using specific cards for each device because cars can be formatted to match each device. Recovering footage in this situation are goof, but the risks are still high.

2. Watch The Water, Heat, And Dirt

Like all electronics that aren’t waterproof, SD cards don’t do well in wet, extreme temperatures, or in dirt. Keep all of them away from spilled drinks, and don’t keep it in your hot car and suddenly bring it into an air conditioned room. Contact points on a memory card are very sensitive. You can keep them clean using alcohol and storing them in plastic cases or card holders.

3. Card Readers Are Your Friend

Having an easy,reliable card reader can make importing/exporting photos worry-free. These devices are under $20 and help your camera battery from draining while downloading.

4. Be Careful With Formatting And Deleting Pics

Every camera is different in how it deletes pictures. Some permanently delete them while others allow you a way to recover them later on. Move towards transferring your files to a computer instead of manually deleting them on your camera.

5. Shooting on Top of Deleted Footage

Once your format your card and shoot on top of that, recovering images will be next to impossible. Be wary of formatting cards in-camera by making sure they’re backed up on your computer.

What are some tips your have in preserving memory cards?

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