Writer and director, Ryan Connolly, known best for his TV shows Film Riot and Film State, teamed up with CanonUSA to teach us the basics of film production. What’s great about these videos is that they’re easy to watch and digestible…not to mention how funny they all are! Even if you don’t enjoy making films, you may change your mind.

Join filmmaker Ryan Connolly on a journey through making movies, as he helps out a fellow filmmaker remember what to do.

In episode 1, Ryan talks about choosing the right Canon gear for your project.

In episode 2, Ryan explains pre-production setup and composition.

In episode 3, Ryan talks about how shutter and aperture affect lighting using a 3-light setup.

In episode 4, Ryan explains how sound can make or break your film. He shows you the basics on using a shotgun microphone to get clean audio.

Ready to start filming? Then choose your weapon:


PowerShot G7 X


​Rebel T5i 


XC10 4K



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