In the world of cameras, you can really see a difference when you’re shooting at high MP. Does this apply for video? Not really.

Why is it different with video? Unlike sitting down and staring at every detail of a photo, video is more forgiving. Every 1/24th of a second, another frame flashes in front of your eyes. You can have the sharpest lens in the world, but your camera can record at a low bit rate OR your camera is super high end, but the footage was exported at a low bit rate. Nowadays, most footage is played back at 1080p (2 mp/frame). At 2 MP, it’s incredibly hard to notice any details.

Remember: no matter how cheap a 35mm lens is, it’s made to produce a sharp image well over 20MP. You can shoot at 5K or 6k, but it will be played back on a 1080p screen.


This just proves the amazing capabilities of the cheapest photo/video gear on the market. They also show how the 50mm 1.8 gives you the best bang for your buck.

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