There’s no doubt that the newest and coolest gadgets are drones. It seems like everyone either has one, or is flying one for their shoots. In the following video by filmmaker Sebastian Solberg, he gives you some helpful tips for new drone users in getting incredible footage and staying out of trouble. Most of the tips seem lie common sense, but from the stories you hear and see, some people need these.

There are a lot of factors drone users don’t take into consideration like tip #8: plan each shot before takeoff. Drones may be very cool, but they’re not at that point of development where they can fly for more than 15 minutes. And not to mention checking the laws regarding drone flight in the city/country before you go out and explore.

Solberg also recommends, in his original post, the DJI Phantom 2 with an H4-3D Gimbal, which takes a GoPro Hero 4 Black. That sort of totals someone’s monthly rent, but it’s always possible to rent drones, right? We hope you enjoyed the video!

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