Learn the fundamentals
Know your sh*t.

Are you tired of looking like that guy? Are you shooting your camera on the green box? Get lost in a conversation full of photographers? You have been wanting to take a class like this, now is the time. Fundamentals: they exist for a reason. Let's get to the core.

Know the LINGO
You + Camera = BFF


I just want to thank you for last night. WOW what an amazing class. Andrew, your so knowledgeable and passionate about photography. I learned SO much and cannot wait to begin practicing all the techniques I learned. THANK YOU!Janice R.

First of all just wanted to thank you for such an amazing class last night. Everything makes more sense, if you ever do an outdoors Photography workshop please let me know. Thank you.Adilene S.

Hey Andrew, really enjoyed your workshop. I liked the laid back environment and the information was very useful.. Looking forward to your lighting workshop. Franco P.

Hey Andrew, great class. It was nice to brush up on some of the basics while learning some new tricks. I especially liked your 8 tips for sharper images and can already see the difference in my work. Def recommending to friends.Rebekah M.

Your Instructor.
Andrew Manley.

Ok, so here is me talking in the third person: "Andrew Manley graduated from Irvine's "prestigious ;)" Photography Program back in 2003 where he hit the ground running right after graduation. His father helped him get his first wedding in the summer of 2003 where he shot for 4 years and then turned to children's lifestyle. In addition, in 2006 he started to shoot stock photography where he has been shooting with Getty and iStock ever since. His work has been used with companies such as LensCrafters, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco, Jamba Juice, Kaiser Permanente, Volcom... just to name a few." Now enough of the boring stuff, lets get you focused.

The Essentials

Come Early

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to class to get settled. Also a great time to mingle with your fellow photographers. We will begin sharply at the start time.

Cam & Lens

It's that time! Bring your baby... the one that you never really understood but always wish you did. Also make sure to bring a lens attached it it, along with a memory card and a fresh battery. If you do not have a DSLR, no problem. Bring what you got.

Pen & Paper

Although we have a visual presentation ready for you, nothing gets embedded into your brain faster than this old school combo. Remember, "If you write it, you will store it."

Sept 24.

Wed 6PM-9PM Cost is $55.
As a bonus receive $15 in IEPR Credits